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Snowmobile walks

Real winter holiday enthusiast long time ago evaluated all possibilities of the Ural Mountains slopes and their worthiness. During winter time Ural Mountains don't run into hibernation vice versa Ural Mountains give us bright impressions from active sports, fantastic landscapes and stupefy pure air. The mistress of the Mednaya mountain and other characters of Bazhov masterpieces are always glad to welcome new visitors.

Snowmobile Safari is a one more great entertainment for the Ural tourists. Tourists going to safari with snowmobiles dream to forget about daily routine and appear in the middle of taiga trees and powerful mountains. Organizers of such tours in return guarantee fascinating routes, excellent equipment and unique in beauty Ural landscapes. Your departure on snowmobiles is always preceded by different instructions for e.g. how to drive a vehicle and only after necessarily equipped tourists start on their journey.

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