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СПА комплекс
Открытый бассейн с подогревом
Крытый бассейн с джакузи
Хамам, финская сауна
Техники массажа, лечебные процедуры
Наши преимущества
Ресторан Le Vicomte, Лобби-бар, Витамин-бар, ночной бар Boogies
10 минут на машине от аэропорта Кольцово и 15 минут от центра города
Бесплатная парковка
SPA complex
Outdoor heated pool
Indoor pool with jacuzzi
Hamam, finnish sauna
Massage techniques, treatment procedures
Our advantages
Restaurant Le Vicomte, Lobby bar, Vitamin bar, night Boogies bar
10 minutes by car from Koltsovo Airport and 15 minutes from the city center
Free parking

Ski slopes

Sport Complex "Abzakovo" is located in spurs of the Ural Mountains in the southeast of Bashkiria. It is one of the most prepared and equipped resorts for tourists in the Ural Mountains. Open season - beginning of November till the beginning of May.
Height above sea level - 800 m
Difference of heights - 311 m
Quantity of routes - 15
General extent of routes - 18 km
The longest route - 3280 m
Illuminated slopes - 2
Quantity of lifts - 7 incl. 1 seat and 1 baby-lift
Total transfer capability - 5 000 people per hour
Slopes equipped with artificial snow making machines - 4
Snow making machines - 24
Routes for cross-country skis - 10 km

Routes of all categories, including 4 for slalom and slalom-giant having FIS certificates (6,5 km of them with artificial snow making).

The Ski center provides ski and other equipment for rent + instructors service. At the bottom of slopes there is a supervised parking lot, luggage room, medical aid station, sport shop, news-stand, cafe, bar and barbeque caf?.

There is a cafeteria with 3 meals per day, cafe-bar and restaurant in the Health and Sport Complex, 2 cafes situated directly on slopes - on the route №5 and at the top of the mountain.

Ski Centre "Adzhigardak" is located in the western spurs of Southern Urals near the Asha city in the amazingly beautiful district among picturesque forests. Slopes of the mountain with the cognominal name were transformed into excellent routes for mountain skiing. Sport school of the Olympic reserve for youth is opened in Asha since 1982. Many competitions and starts are held during winter season on slopes of the complex "Adzhigardak" by this school. People of different age take part in such events one of the most well-known of them is the Russian championship "the Olympic hopes".

  • Difference of heights - 350 m
  • Quantity of routes - 10
  • General extent of routes - 12 500 m
  • Maximum slope - 3 500 m
  • Quantity of lifts - 7
  • Ratracs - yes
  • Illumination - yes
  • Snowboard park

Climate in Asha is very soft and hospitable: average temperature in winter makes 7-12 degrees below zero and in the coldest weather thermometer column doesn't fall below minus 18 degrees. Routes of the Ski complex "Adzhigardak" are certificated by FIS (the International federation of mountain skiing). Slopes are prepared for skiing by the "Kaessbohre" special equipment. The Ski center provides ski and other equipment for rent + instructors service and Sport school of the Olympic reserve.

The Belaya Mountain is located in the Middle Urals in 37 km from Nizhniy Tagil (Sverdlovsk oblast) nearby the village Belogorka and Suburb settlement Uralets, to the east from the Main Ural ridge in 10 km to the north from the mountain Ezhovaya. The mountain is famous for its o-the-route skiing. Thanks to natural anomaly there is much more snow a year than on all neighboring slopes. The lift takes you on the top of the mountain where you can slide down one of the prepared slopes deeply enough into the forest.

  • Height above sea level - 715 m
  • Difference of heights - 255 m
  • Base mark - 460 м
  • Routes - 3
  • General extent of routes - 1.7 km
  • Quantity of lifts - 3

There is one educational route (long and very flat). The route 2А is for mountain skiers its wide - 890 m. The route 2В is more interesting for snowboarders (it is very rough and has many hills). The route 1С (1514 m.), Educational one and 2А are illuminated. 2В is not.

Except for mountain routes there is an off-the-route skiing on the Belaya called "Tcheget". It provides ski and other equipment for rent + instructors service.

It is planned that the sport center on the mountain Belaya being one of the most beautiful natural objects of The Middle Urals will be under construction in two turns. The first stage includes creation of the basic complex infrastructure, 8 new ski routes from 387 to 1.822 meters long, installation of three modern lifts. It will be possible for almost 2.000 people to slide down the Belaya daily.

The second turn of the complex construction is oriented on more than 5.000 people. The quantity of routes after Complex is ready will increase up to 25 and the quantity of lifts up to 8. There will be also equipped one special route for children 101 meters long with difference of heights - 12 meters.

Complex territory incl. bar and play set for children.

The Pilnaya Mountain is the main top of the ridge of these mountains that separates cozy small village Pilnaya from industrial Pervouralsk and reliably covers mountains` routes from western winds. Pilnaya is a very comfortable area for one-day skiing for guests from Yekaterinburg, Pervouralsk and Revda.

  • Season: December - April
  • 5 skiing routes of different types
  • General extent of routes - 2800 m
  • Difference of heights - 98,7 m
  • 2 lifts
  • Free ride routes
  • Swonpark for snowboarders
  • Route for "bublik" round-block skiing
  • Artificial snow making systems
  • All routes are illuminated

The Ski center provides ski and snowboard equipment for rent + instructors service. Restaurant, caf?, barbeques, hunting lodge on the top of the central slope and children`s room. Downhill skiing, snowboard. Out-of-route skiing in the forest. Route for "bublik". The Volchiha Mountain is a Ski Center located in the Northern part of the Revdinsk mountain range in 40 km from Yekaterinburg.

Season: December - April.

  • Season duration is longer because of artificial snow making systems.
  • Difference of heights - 200 m
  • Number of slopes: 4 (700, 800, 900, 1200 m)
  • 30 degree slope.
  • 4 one seated lift "plate"
  • Snowboard park

Modern snow thickening and artificial snow making machines. The Ski center provides ski and snowboard equipment for rent + instructors service + equipment shop.

Three cafe-bars in the Administration building: "Border Boom", "Meal", "the Shiny castle", cafeteria, changing rooms and children's room.

The Ezhovaya Mountain is located to the east from the Main Ural ridge in 8 km from the Kirovgrad city. It is one of the so-called Veselye (Cheerful) Mountains` tops on the territory of which the Visimsky conservation is located. The comparative closeness to Yekaterinburg, convenient entrance, high quality service made this mountain-skiing center one of the most popular in the Middle Urals.

  • Season: December - April.
  • Height above sea level - 550 m
  • Difference of heights - more than 300 m
  • Routes - 5 (each of 1,5 km distance)
  • Lifts - 7
  • Total transfer capability - 5 000 people per hour
  • Snowboards, half-pipe
  • Snow machines

Relief various: abrupt slopes alternate with the flat ones. Routes with different levels of complexity, incl. illuminated one. The Ski center provides ski and snowboard and many other types of equipment for rent + instructors service For children and people who prefer less active rest The Ezhovaya offers "bublik" skiing / round-block skiing on a specially prepared and equipped route12m long. Snowmobile driving.

Horse walks and riding lessons.

The Ezhovaya is also known for a special All-Russian competition for the governor`s cup of the Sverdlovsk oblast. This competition is held among children, juniors and veterans in the end of the season and included in the Federation of Alpine skiing of Russia calendar.

The Uktus Mountains are located in the southern part of Yekaterinburg. Sport complex "Uktus" comprises skiing center, в себя горнолыжный центр, ski-roller route and other sports activities. During summer period SC "Uktus" is a forest-park with 424 hectares territory. Among ancient pines (average age is104 years) you can enjoy pure fresh air.

  • 3 ski routes up to 450m height, with difference of heights 50 m
  • Bar lift
  • 3 ski-ramp
  • snow park
  • Artificial snow making systems, illumination

The Ski center provides ski, snowboard and many other types of equipment for rent + luggage room Children's and Youth Sport School of Olympic Reserve was organized on the basis of the Sport Complex "Uktus Mountains". Therapeutic bath complex "Uktus baths", cafe-bar "Trampline". The Ski center provides arbors for rent to make barbeque. Children`s room (a seven-meter inflatable mountain), year-round tennis courts. Mountain and cross-country skis, snowboard. Snow park, driving on sledge, horse riding, horse walks in sledge. During summer: paintball, tennis, football, basketball, streetball, mountain bicycles. Rope "The town of Adventures".

Address: Russia, 620990, Yekaterinburg, 10km avtodorogi Yekaterinburg - a/p "Koltsovo", 15.

Multichannel phone: +7 (343) 259-35-35


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