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Snowmobile walks

Real winter holiday enthusiast long time ago evaluated all possibilities of the Ural Mountains slopes and their worthiness. During winter time Ural Mountains don't run into hibernation vice versa Ural Mountains give us bright impressions from active sports, fantastic landscapes and stupefy pure air. The mistress of the Mednaya mountain and other characters of Bazhov masterpieces ar...

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Ski slopes

Sport Complex "Abzakovo" is located in spurs of the Ural Mountains in the southeast of Bashkiria. It is one of the most prepared and equipped resorts for tourists in the Ural Mountains. Open season - beginning of November till the beginning of May.
Height above sea level - 800 m
Difference of heights - 311 m
Quantity of routes - 15
General extent of routes -...

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ATENTION! For people full of adventure, for those who dream to experience the most extreme feelings while driving quads our tours are ideal!

You can spend your time outside with no troubles and absolutely safe also you can have an active rest and try Quad-safari with the supervision of our instructors. Our specialists will organize for you wonderful exc...

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Horse walks

What can unite you and nature more than horse walks? You just imagine yourself among fresh green grass under bright warm sun riding beautiful and proud horse which is ready to break away at full gallop racing with strong wind or maybe you prefer to ride to some shadowed corners of the ancient Ural forest. Horse walks will help you feel relaxed and long-lasting walks will unite you ...

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