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СПА комплекс
Открытый бассейн с подогревом
Крытый бассейн с джакузи
Хамам, финская сауна
Техники массажа, лечебные процедуры
Наши преимущества
Ресторан Le Vicomte, Лобби-бар, Витамин-бар, ночной бар Boogies
10 минут на машине от аэропорта Кольцово и 15 минут от центра города
Бесплатная парковка
SPA complex
Outdoor heated pool
Indoor pool with jacuzzi
Hamam, finnish sauna
Massage techniques, treatment procedures
Our advantages
Restaurant Le Vicomte, Lobby bar, Vitamin bar, night Boogies bar
10 minutes by car from Koltsovo Airport and 15 minutes from the city center
Free parking


Allaki. Kamennye Palatki "Kamennye palatki" which are also called an ancient sanctuary are like two granite rocky ways out: Bey-Tash and Kinel-Tash, which are located on the opposite shores of the lake Bolshiye Allaki, in 12 km to the north-east of the town Kasli, in the suburbs of the village Krasny Partizan and Allaki.

This archeological significant site wa...

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Goryachie Istochniki in Tyumen

Cold winter, snow, icicles, the temperature is "minus" in the street, but you bathe in hot water of 45 degrees! You should try it by yourself: it is difficult to find suitable words! Bathing in thermal spring's c water restores forces, has the general toning up influence on a human body and it is effective when you have functional diseases of nervous system, cardiovascular diseases...

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Kungur ice cave

In every region in Russia there are many beautiful, interesting places where especially willingly travelers go. They go there by car, by foot or swim there. But always there is one the most popular place, which comes to the first mind while mentioning this region. In Kareliya it is the waterfall Kivach, on Altai - Teletsky lake, on Volga - Zhiguli, on Caucasus - the Dombai gl...

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Chertovo gorodishche

Chertovo gorodishche. Russian devil and Tatar Satan are often mentioned in the titles of the Ural rivers, coastal rocks and lairs. Each place has its own legend, but they have one thing in common - the wild beauty of many parts of the Ural nature always scared people: it seems that it is not a God's creation, but the scene of the battle between good and evil, exertion of evil forces.

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Oleni Ruchi

Tourists are attracted by the beauty of natural places that didn't change much over the past thousand years, and by the ancient history - here were discovered settlements belong to the Stone Age, and cave paintings - one of them - "Deer" - is the emblem of the park. For tourists' convenience the park is full of different walking trails.
This natural park was opened on the 29th of October in 1999. It is located...

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Arakulskie Shikhany, Mount Arakul, or simply Shikhan - is the southern rocky array and the highest (40 meters) one in the Middle Urals. It is situated in 18 kilometers to the north-west from city Kasli, 6 kilometers to the east from the station Silach on the South-Ural Railway. Shikhan got its name from the widespread in the S...

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Itkul Lake (The sacred lake) is located in the north of the Chelyabinsk oblast, in 20 kilometers from the city Verkhniy ufaley. This is a real mountain lake surrounded by many mountains; the highest of them is Karabajka (544м) on southwest coast of Lake Itkul, sharply allocated among low neighboring mountains. Here the small river Karabajka runs into Lake Itkul. The name goes back to Tatar-Bashkir ...

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7 brothers

Sem Bratiev (Seven Brothers) Cliffs is one of the most picturesque places you can find in the Middle Ural. They crown the Semibratskaya mountain (422 m) that is situated near the Verkh-Neyvinsk region.

These cliffs are a part of the Verkh- Isetsky granite file. Their forms remind Chertovo Gorodische but this site is more massive and spectacular. Unlike the Chertovo Gorodische one cannot...

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The Kozhim

The river Kozhim is one of the basic inflows of the river Kosju. Mostly both these rivers flow on territory of national park Jugyd Va. The Kozhim originates from slopes of mountain Kozhim-Iz (960 meters) and floats by the ridge of the Sana-Iz and hills of Rossomaha, Maldynyrd, Western Saledy, Maldyiz and Obeiz. The river is long enou...

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Kamennye palatki

Kamennye palatki - granite island cliffs in the Sverdlovsk region of Russia, located near to Lake Shartash. It is one of most picturesque and monumental natural sanctuary in and out of the Yekaterinburg. They can be distinguished by the form of mattresses which is the result of a wind, water, temperatures. In height of this cliffs reach 12 meters and together with the ea...

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