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Chertovo gorodishche

Chertovo gorodishche. Russian devil and Tatar Satan are often mentioned in the titles of the Ural rivers, coastal rocks and lairs. Each place has its own legend, but they have one thing in common - the wild beauty of many parts of the Ural nature always scared people: it seems that it is not a God's creation, but the scene of the battle between good and evil, exertion of evil forces.

Perhaps that is why the rock on top of a small mountain located near the station Iset is called the Chertovo Gorodishche. Once it was a wilderness in the 30 miles from Yekaterinburg. Now it is almost in the city.

Chertovo Gorodishce - is majestic cliffs on the mountain top in 6 km to the south-west of the village Iset. The top of Chertovo gorodishche is 347 m above the sea level. The last 20 meters are the mighty granite ridge. The notched ridge of granite towers stretches from southeast to northwest. From the north Chertovo gorodishche cuts off by an impregnable wall, but from the south the rock is flatter and you can climb it as it has giant stone stairs. The southern part of Chertovo gorodishche is rather intensively destroyed. It is evidenced by stone deposits on the southern slope of the mountain. It is caused by sharp temperature variations on the well-sunlit southern slopes.

You can get to the top of the rock by a wooden staircase set up out there. From the summit you can see a broad panorama of surrounding mountains, forests and lakes.

Chertovo gorodishche has a structure similar to a mattress and creates a false impression that it is composed of flat plates. The origin of the "stone cities" refers to the distant past of the Ural Mountains. The rocks are made from granites, which have a volcanic origin and were formed about 300million years ago. During this time the Mountain was subjected to severe deterioration of the temperature difference, wind and water. As a result a bizarre natural formation was formed.

On both sides of the main granite mass (in some distance) you can see small stone tents. The most interesting stone tent is in the west of the main mass. It reaches a height of 7 m, from the top of this stone tent you can easily notice the structure of Chertovo gorodishche.

On the north side Chertovo gorodishche ends with an impregnable wall, and from the south - looks like a mass of giant slabs and descends into the valley of the river Semipalatinka with unsteady beach - one of the tributaries of the River Iset.

Chertovo gorodishche is a natural monument and the monument of ancient metal production and the sacrificial place for people from the early Iron Age and Middle Ages.

CHERTOVO GORODISHCHE - will be in your memory for a long time
CHERTOVO GORODISHCHE - is a wonderful place for having a rest
CHERTOVO GORODISHCHE - is a powerful energetic place
CHERTOVO GORODISHCHE - is a miracle of the Urals.

Almost all mountains are full of such stone tents. Chertovo gorodishche is situated in the middle of so called Verh-Isetskiy granite diastrophic block, but of course it is the most grand among others!

In the bottom below the mountain occurs a coping. And also there flows a river Semipalatinka - one of the tributaries of the River Iset. Chertovo gorodishche is so good and suitable for different climbers' trainings. There are a lot of beautiful pine forests over here, where you can find many berries in summer.

Taking about the origin of the name you can find it quite obvious. The rocks seem to look so unnatural for the traveler - like they were made with the help of evil spirits. However there is one more hypothesis of the origin of toponym, which is rather original. The point is that the word "Chortan", but more correct the word "Sortan", can be divided into two parts "Sart-tan". Translated from the Mansi language it means "front trading". These words were transformed by Russians - Sartan - Chertyn - Chertov. So, that is why finally we got Chertovo gorodishche - the town of front trading.

As archaeologists pointed out a man was in the area of Chertovo gorodishche for a long time .The excavations at the foot of the rocks found many shards of pottery and pieces of copper sheet. Copper pendant charms were also among those findings. The findingss belong to the Iron Age.

Our ancestors honored Chertovo gorodishche. They thought it was a safety place for spirits and offered them sacrifices. So, people tried to appease a higher power and to ask them for a good future.

The first scientific description of "stone city" was made by the members of the Ural Society of Naturalists (USN).

On the 26th of May 1861 was organized a campaign, which initiator was Vladimir Zakharovich Zemlyanitsyn, he was a a priest and the member of USN, he lived on the Verkh-Isetskiy factory. He invited his friends (which were also in USN) - the bookseller Pavel Aleksandrovich Naumov and the lector in Yekaterinburg gymnasium Ippolit Andreevich Mashanov.

The majority of excursions to the Chertovo gorodishche began in the end of the XIX century, when was built the Gornouralskaya railway not far from this place.

Nowadays Chertovo gorodishche is the most popular and attractive for tourists rocky solid mass in the suburbs of Yekaterinburg. Unfortunately, after more than hundred years of tourists' excursions the ecological situation and look of the mass were damaged.

Almost the whole rocks' surface is covered with inscriptions. The first appeared in the year 1902! The total number of rock paintings, estimated by Sverdlovsk students, conducted under the supervision of T. Y. Seryh in the 1970's, is around 1700. It spoils the view of the rocks.

Earlier for nature self-healing the Pervouralsk City Council closed for 5 years (until December 31, 1985) the area for tourists. At the same time the whole area was cleared of accumulated over many years household garbage, and the rock was equipped with a climbing wall. 5 years later rocks were reopened for the mass public.

It is interesting to crawl over rocks, to wander among the scattered boulders, imagining ancient inhabitant of Itkul bearing on these boulders sacrifices to pagan gods. On the top of the rocks archaeologists found the remains of burnt bones, pottery of the Early Iron Age (Itkul culture) and more recent times, as well as copper plates used to make weapons and jewelry.

How to get to Chertovo gorodishche:

Chertovo gorodishche is good for visiting all year long. You should take the train Sverdlovsk - Nizhniy Tagil to get to the Chertovo gorodishche and go to the station Iset. After the train you should go for 200 m along rail ways. Here you will see the highway, going to the right.

You should follow this way along industrial enterprises. Gradually, the road leads to the street Zavodskaya. You should reach the end of the street and then turn right to the street Mira (there you can find two-storey yellow houses). After 50 meters, after the house number 3 (before a grocery store) turn left.

This road leads into the forest. After the forest at the foot of the mountain you will see a fork. Well-trodden dirt road turns left, but we should go straight and climb a hill. This is a direct path to the rocks we need. On it must go straight to the south, anywhere without displacing. Even in winter it's always easy to find.

You can also go by car. There is a quite good road leading from Iset to Chertovo gorodishche. You should be guided by the coping near the mountain.

There is also a trail to the Chertovo gorodishche from the station Gat. You should follow it from the station to the west. However, the way can be blocked by a boggy place. Therefore, this option is more preferable in the winter than in summer.

If you want you can go on a very interesting route - station Iset - Chertovo gorodishche - lake Peschanoe - rock Sokoliny Kamen - station Severka. The distance is 30 km. This route takes two days.

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