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Oleni Ruchi

Oleni Ruchi is a natural park in the Ural region.

 Tourists are attracted by the beauty of natural places that didn't change much over the past thousand years, and by the ancient history - here were discovered settlements belong to the Stone Age, and cave paintings - one of them - "Deer" - is the emblem of the park. For tourists' convenience the park is full of different walking trails.
 This natural park was opened on the 29th of October in 1999. It is located in 100 km to the south-west from Yekaterinburg in the Nizhneserginskiy area. The central homestead in the park - the village "Bazhukovo". The park area accounts to 12700 ha and it is located on the river Sergi between the town Nizhnie Sergi and the river Arakaevo. Deeply embedded, highly picturesque valley of the river Sergi, paving its way into the limestone deposits, is replete with various manifestations of karst. Here you can find the biggest cave in the Ural region - "Druzhba", and also some other famous caves: Arakaevskaya, Katnikovskaya, Bolshoy Proval and Lednik.

Physically and geographically the area looks like a border zone between the low-mountain landscapes of Sredneuralskaya taiga and the forest steppe Krasnoufimskaya. Landscape diversity, low level of industrial pollution and economic development in this territory predetermine the extremely rich species composition of flora and fauna. Here are also well represented different relic and endemic species. In the park there are a lot of coniferous and broadleaf forests. The Sergi valley since ancient times has been inhabited by people, as evidenced by numerous archaeological objects.

The most popular paintings are on the rock "Pisanitsa". There are 22 famous and interesting objects in the park, which have the status of natural landmark. The terrain is typical for the Middle Urals. The average height is 300-500 meters above the sea level. The relief is low-hilled, with the hills height several tens of meters. The most popular are rock-outcrops along the river banks Sergi, reaching a height of 40 m. The climate is quite comfortable for practicing sports tourism during all year and also for summer activities. In order to preserve the nature of the park the whole territory is divided into several security zones. There is also a reserved area, with access only for scientists.

There are also routes developed with guides - the so-called "educational paths". Educational paths have very important cognitive and nature conservation value. They give park visitors the necessary information about the area, allow to adjust the attendance of the landscape and to establish control over it. There are observation platforms with a wide view on these paths. You are not allowed to take away any nature souvenirs with you. Along the paths there are parking places for recreation and relaxing, they are equipped with bins, benches, bonfires.

The sculpture Angel of Hope was established on the 17 September in 2005. The author of the project is Lena Edval (she is from Sweden). Seven monuments of the Angel are established all over the world. And one is located in Russia in the park Oleni Ruchi. From the sculpture begins a walking path along a winding bank of the river Sergi. The name of the path is Magistral Posta. Built in 1998 by public fund "Oleni Ruchi" on donations of U.S. citizen Robert Lent. The conclusion is the following - Russia is a very poor country and foreigners like it more than russians.

The path goes through the most beautiful places, opening up views illustrate the Russian tales and legends. At this time along the river begin to fuse tourists. River is full flowing and rapid. In summer it grows shallow. There are a small cave, rocks covered with moss, shaggy firs and spruce on the path. It leads to the monument of nature Dyrovaty Kamen and by the floodplain goes to the suspension bridge. A local extreme entertainment "Tarzanka" can be reached from the suspension bridge, a cord connects the steep hill and the opposite shore. On the path using a roller device you can take a dashing ride. From the bridge, by the opposite shore, the path goes to the famous caves.

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