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Nevyansk is located on the eastern slope of the Ural Mountains on the river Neiva, 99 km north from Yekaterinburg, and about 50 km south from Nizhny Tagil. Currently up to 60% of Sverdlovsk region gold is produced in Nevyanskiy area. The city's population is 26,600 people. The beginning of Nevyansk was due to ironworks factory, built by the decree of Peter I on the 15 of December 1701. At the beginning of 18 th century Nevyansk plant was the largest in Russia, for the first time in the Ural region was mastered iron art casting. Metal of the Nevyansk plant labeled "Old Sable" was highly appreciated and was exported in 11 countries in Europe and Asia.

Nevyansk inclined tower is a remnant of the former greatness of the Tula industrialists Demidovy dynasty, who on behalf of Peter I opened the iron deposits and built factories in the Ural land. Most of the factories and buildings of that time did not come down to our days, but the Nevyansk tower survived. Tourists are attracted here by mysterious and gloomy history of the tower: according to the legend, prisoners were kept there, and the most daring were alive immured in walls. Nevyansk tower is still surrounded by an aura of mystery and myth. Some people think that there were illegally minted silver coins, which were with better quality than royal. According to others, in basement were kept employees who were chained to the basement walls, which were immediately flooded if the king controller came.

Historians have been trying to understand the mysteries of Nevyanskiy tower, but, fanned by stories, it continues to keep its secrets. Nevyansk inclined tower symbolizes the power of the most famous family of the Ural region - Demidov dynasty. This is an unique monument of industrial architecture of the first half of the 18 th century.

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