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Kamennye palatki

Kamennye palatki - granite island cliffs in the Sverdlovsk region of Russia, located near to Lake Shartash. It is one of most picturesque and monumental natural sanctuary in and out of the Yekaterinburg. They can be distinguished by the form of mattresses which is the result of a wind, water, temperatures. In height of this cliffs reach 12 meters and together with the earthen hill on which they are located tower up to 25 meters.

Not so long ago the Kamennye palatki were located in the forest out of the city but with the growth of Yekaterinburg in 1980th they entered the city. Now the Kamennye palatki are located in the Kirovsk region and one of the most favorite places for people. This place is good for people who prefer rambling, bicycle or ski walks, picnics, rest with children in the open air. At bottom of the Kamennye palatki from the north there is a granite amphitheater. From the city side on the way to cliffs there is a memorial board reminding about illegal working meetings of Bolsheviks that were held before the Great October in1905-1917. These meetings were usually attended by the Leader of the Ural Bolsheviks Jacov Mihajlovich Sverdlov.

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