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Goryachie Istochniki in Tyumen

Cold winter, snow, icicles, the temperature is "minus" in the street, but you bathe in hot water of 45 degrees! You should try it by yourself: it is difficult to find suitable words! Bathing in thermal spring's c water restores forces, has the general toning up influence on a human body and it is effective when you have functional diseases of nervous system, cardiovascular diseases (in their initial stage) and metabolism infringement.

Goryachie Istochniki in Tyumen are the unique natural thermal springs which are located near Tyumen. Water temperature in springs is +40-45 degrees all year long. In the Tyumen region there are 2 Goryachie Istochniki - one is well- arranged (the Tyumen citizens name this place "Eldorado"), another is "wild".

The well-arranged hot spring is located in 11 kilometers from Tyumen - in Verkhniy Bor. There is a marble open-air pool here, which is filled with warm water during all year. The pool length is 20 meters, width - 6 meters and depth -1,5 meters, it is divided into 2 paths, and the water temperature in them differs. The pool is surrounded by very old pines, and also by decorative palm trees and there is a beautiful artificial fall nearby. Not far from the hot spring there are changing rooms and a shower. This spring is considered to be well-arranged as near it there are hotels, small houses and carriages for tourists, and also all conveniences - bowers, braziers and entertainments: chute, skis and skates hire, ice rink, and also cafe, billiards, bath, sauna, sunroom, karaoke and many other things.

The wild hot spring is located in 30 kilometers from Tyumen. Here there are no conveniences - it is possible to live here in tents, or to go to the city.

Water in Tyumen Goryachie Istochniki is medical. Mineral water "Tyumen-2" from springs is brome, chloride-natrium, the general mineralization is 75 gram per liter. Water structure is: chlorine - 420, calcium - 1250, magnesium - 25, potassium - 38, bromine - 25-30, fluorine - 0,76, barium - 35, iodine - 2,5-5, hydro carbonates - 300-350.

It is not only pleasant to plunge into the Tyumen Goryachie Istochniki, but also it is useful for health: mineral water possesses medical properties. Bathing is useful when you have problems with nervous system, when you suffer from cardiovascular diseases, and also it renders toning up effect on all organism. Swimming in pool gives many pleasant emotions.

What is necessary to take with you

A towel, a swimsuit, slippers, warm clothes and a cap. It's very important not to forget about your camera: photos will be definitely very unusual - there is winter, snow and icicles around you, and you are in a swim suit!

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