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Arkaim - is the remnants of the ancient city-civilization, it is the fortified settlement of the Bronze Age located in the Chelyabinsk region. Located in the so-called "Land of towns", on the shore of the river Bolshaya Karaganka, near the village Amur of Bredinskiy district and near the village Aleksandrovskiy of Kizilskiy district in Chelyabinsk region. Arkaim is a historical monument.

Conservancy area Arkaim is unique at least four times.

1.Firstly, Arkaim - is an ancient city of Sintashta culture. This historical monument dates back to 2-3-st millennium BC (as it is evidenced by radiocarbon analysis the remains of the city are about 3600-3900 years). Moreover Arkaim - was not just a site of ancient people, it was a fortified town with a fairly high level of culture, as evidenced by buildings themselves - by different defensive installations, irrigation and drainage, streets and houses, as well as findings in houses and graves.

2.Secondly, the town Arkaim can be considered a miracle for the following fact: the settlement was actually discovered by an accident, and it was keep as a historical and cultural monument. Arkaim was discovered in 1987, when archaeologists together with geologists and geodesists conducted a hasty study of the area in Chelyabinsk region, where they already started to build the Karagan reservoir - some money was invested and the economy was in need of speedy construction of the dam.

3.Thirdly, about Arkaim were created a lot of legends and myths, often contradictory and different. It is easy to understand why many tourists skeptical think that Arkaim - is a hoax, which they want to see with their own eyes. Surprisingly, according to many people who have been to this mysterious place, a complex Arkaim really has a special aura and mood, here people breathe easier and feel better, and the air itself seemed to be imbued with the mysteries of antiquity and mysticism. Esoterics, however, consider Arkaim as a "place of power "and regularly visit it.

4.Fourth, Arkaim is a unique monument of at the same time natural history and ancient culture and traditional culture. Feature of it is a special union of natural environment and culture. Reserve Arkaim is a natural landscape and historical and archeological museum.

5.Fifth, the Museum Arkaim is a rare opportunity for tourists to look into the mysterious world of archaeological excavations, usually open only to a narrow range of specialists.

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