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СПА комплекс
Открытый бассейн с подогревом
Крытый бассейн с джакузи
Хамам, финская сауна
Техники массажа, лечебные процедуры
Наши преимущества
Ресторан Le Vicomte, Лобби-бар, Витамин-бар, ночной бар Boogies
10 минут на машине от аэропорта Кольцово и 15 минут от центра города
Бесплатная парковка
SPA complex
Outdoor heated pool
Indoor pool with jacuzzi
Hamam, finnish sauna
Massage techniques, treatment procedures
Our advantages
Restaurant Le Vicomte, Lobby bar, Vitamin bar, night Boogies bar
10 minutes by car from Koltsovo Airport and 15 minutes from the city center
Free parking

7 brothers

Sem Bratiev (Seven Brothers) Cliffs is one of the most picturesque places you can find in the Middle Ural. They crown the Semibratskaya mountain (422 m) that is situated near the Verkh-Neyvinsk region.

These cliffs are a part of the Verkh- Isetsky granite file. Their forms remind Chertovo Gorodische but this site is more massive and spectacular. Unlike the Chertovo Gorodische one cannot get to the top of the Sem Bratiev without special climbing equipment (only with the big risk for life). But if one climb this cliff he or she can see beautiful Ural Mountains, green forests, neighboring settlements and lakes (including Ajatskoe and Tavatuj).Outwardly cliffs represent the steep stone ridge extended from the north to the south. Granite rocks partly disappeared and accepted unusual forms. As if they are laid out from huge stone plates that look like mattresses. At the top the basis of the cliff is separated into some blocks and if you include imagination these blocks will remind you the fantastic hardened giants and here you understand where the cliffs name comes from. But figure "seven" has rather conditional character since everyone can count different amount of "brothers". The maximum cliffs` height is 42 meters.

The Sem Bratiev looks like seven stone giants tower over the forest and crown the top of the Semibratskaya mountain near the the Verkh-Neyvinsk. These rocks represent the stone ridge extended on a crest of mountain from the northeast to the southwest. The heights of the separate rocks are about 25 m., the height of the central "brother" - 32 m. The Sem Bratiev. Lots of legends were shaped about these rocks. One day they are a cruel Mong and his hardened sons and there is a secret cave in which their beautiful sister is sleeping.

Another day they are magic giants which turned into cliffs when the subjugator of Siberia Ermak has dawned their sign of the cross and sometimes at night you can still hear hearts of giants in a cold granite knocking. The Sem Bratiev are hardened children of the cruel demidov governor - brothers-gold diggers...

One of "brothers" is located on a small distance from his closest relatives a bit to the West from them. At it has the most unusual outlines that's why he was called the Stone-bird (sometimes he is named as "Sister").

Actually "brothers" are not seven there are more than ten of them. In good weather they are well visible from the Yekaterinburg - Nizhniy Tagil highway on its 59th kilometer.

There are some variants of legends about the origin of these rocks. According to one of them cliffs are the children of the cruel guard escaping from punishment and stiffened on the mountain. Under another legend they are the pagan giants turned into stones because of the sign of the cross of Ermak (though authentically it's known that Ermak never appeared in these areas). Surprisingly but previously there was a good wooden ladder leading to the top of the cliff... It is known that the ladder was constructed under the order of the administration of Verkh-Neyvinsk factory to supervise forest fires from the top of the cliff. There were benches, special protections and platforms were constructed in order not to fall down. The ladder remained up to 1930th years but then became unfit for use and was taken away.

Such ladder to the top would be very useful nowadays as well! After all you can not get to the top without having special equipment.

In the beginning of the XXth century the Sem Bratiev cliffs were chosen for secret meetings of Verkh-Neyvinsk factory workers. On a stone wall someone from them wrote with a black paint: "Long live social revolution!". Local regional specialists established that the inscription was made in 1912 on the occasion of arrival of the head of the Perm province Bolotov. The revolutionary inscription can be easily found even today. Some good people allocated this area with a red line and tinted the inscription that considerably facilitates the search.

Here occurred some tragic stories as well. In 1999-2003 the imperceptible maniac frightened people and put horror all around this area. He extremely cruelly forced and killed girls-teenagers. The humanoid monster threw bodies of innocent creations in the forest near the Semibratskaya Mountain. In press he was named as the electrochemical monster. Fortunately, the maniac was caught and put in the jail till the end of his days.

It is curious that the monument of Angel of the Uniform Hope Brothers initially was planed to be established on the Sem Bratiev (Seven Brothers) Cliffs but today it's on the cliff in the natural park "Oleni Ruchi". However while the coordination of placing the monument administration of Novouralsk refused to establish monument stating that it would spoil a silhouette of the Sem Bratiev (Seven Brothers) Cliffs.

The Sem Bratiev (Seven Brothers) Cliffs are well visible even from the Tagilsky highway. They tower over the forest on one of the mountains.

By the way there are also other cliffs at tops of other mountains near to The Sem Bratiev. For example, The Tri Sestry (three sisters) cliffs. Certainly they are not as picturesque and high as the Sem Bratiev but they worth visiting. The length of the route is about 6 km one way. But the relief is not very smooth… one hill goes after another therefore it takes a lot of forces on the way to The Sem Bratiev.

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