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Ganina Yama

Ganina Yama - the place, known well out of Yekaterinburg and to almost all Russian people. Here, in Ganina Yama were brought remains of last emperor of Russia and his family after execution in 1918. Ganina Yama is located approximately in 20 kilometers from Yekaterinburg near the settlement Shuvakish and the village Koptyaki in еру "Four brothers" mine.

Ganina Yama was at first used as mine which was subsequently abandoned. In the middle of 19 century in Ural Mountains stormed "gold-rush" when gold-diggers searched for gold, ingots or gold particles. This plot was bought for the sake of gold mining and subsequently named Ganina Yama. The plot was got by the contractor Gabriel. Neighbors called him simply Ganya, hence the exploitation-mine's name took place. Gold was not found there, but iron ore was discovered. The ore deposit was developed, but by the beginning of 20 century the mine was abandoned.

On the night of 17 July 1918, the bodies of Tsar Nicholas II and his family, who had been executed at the engineer Ipatiev's House (see The Church on the Blood), were secretly transported to Ganina Yama and thrown into the shaft. Bodies have dumped in the abandoned mine and then were extracted and destroyed by sulphuric acid.

Thus, Ganina Yama, the abandoned mine near Yekaterinburg, became the last haven of last Russian tsar and his family. Events of 1918 became a crucial event in the history of Russia; with them Romanov's imperial dynasty that was at the head of the Russian empire since 1613 was terminated.

Since 2000 began revival of Ganina Yama - there were established temples and was erected a man's monastery of the Saint Regal Martyrs.

Monastery building went quickly; were erected wooden temples and also economic constructions. Now there are 7 churches, all of them different and mostly wooden, symbolize the 7 members of the Tsar family.

It is considered that one of the main sights of a monastery is a Cross with relics containing particles of 40 saint relics of Jesus' saints and a particle of Life-giving Jesus' cross (earlier the cross belonged to the imperial family). To this relic of a monastery are attributed wonderful healings. Also in a monastery there are some wonder-working icons.

Today Ganina Yama and a monastery of the Holy Tsarist Passion-Bearers are holy sites of modern Russia which are interesting for visiting not only to believers, but also for all people interested in the Russian history. Here are led excursions for tourists and for all persons interested.

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