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СПА комплекс
Открытый бассейн с подогревом
Крытый бассейн с джакузи
Хамам, финская сауна
Техники массажа, лечебные процедуры
Наши преимущества
Ресторан Le Vicomte, Лобби-бар, Витамин-бар, ночной бар Boogies
10 минут на машине от аэропорта Кольцово и 15 минут от центра города
Бесплатная парковка
SPA complex
Outdoor heated pool
Indoor pool with jacuzzi
Hamam, finnish sauna
Massage techniques, treatment procedures
Our advantages
Restaurant Le Vicomte, Lobby bar, Vitamin bar, night Boogies bar
10 minutes by car from Koltsovo Airport and 15 minutes from the city center
Free parking


Verkhoturye is a small city in the Sverdlovsk region, located in 300 kilometers from Yekaterinburg and in 450 kilometers from Perm which totals more than 400 years of history and 10 thousand citizens. Here there are 2 unique monasteries - man's and female, and also huge set of churches and temples. Today Verkhoturye is the spiritual center of the Ural Mountains and Russia where orthodox pilgrims, a...

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Ganina Yama

Ganina Yama - the place, known well out of Yekaterinburg and to almost all Russian people. Here, in Ganina Yama were brought remains of last emperor of Russia and his family after execution in 1918. Ganina Yama is located approximately in 20 kilometers from Yekaterinburg near the settlement Shuvakish and the village Koptyaki in еру "Four brothers" mine.

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The Church on Blood

The Church on Blood in Honour of All Saints Resplendent in the Russian Land is one of the most famous and beautiful sights of Yekaterinburg. It was built in 2000-2003 on the site where the former Emperor Nicholas II of Russia and several members of his family and household were executed following the Bolshevik Revolution on the night of July, 16-17, 1918. The temple on Blood includes a room w...

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Address: Russia, 620990, Yekaterinburg, 10km avtodorogi Yekaterinburg - a/p "Koltsovo", 15.

Multichannel phone: +7 (343) 259-35-35


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