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The Yekaterinburg Opera and Ballet Theatre is one of the oldest opera theatres in Russia. The City Theatre opened its first season in 1912. Rich traditions of private non-repertory and touring companies, musical societies, well-known since the middle of the XIX century, helped the Theatre to gain confidence and its glorious name. He was called the Laboratory of Soviet opera, ...

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The Photographic Museum "Metenkov's house" is located in the center of Yekaterinburg, in the mansion, which belonged to the 1917 revolution photographer Benjamin Leontievich Metenkov (1857 - 1933). Almost four decades he with a camera in his hands traveled all over the Urals, has issued hundreds of cards and photo albums with the views of his native land, organized a successful trade apparatus, reagents, books and ...

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The monument to the city founders - Tatishchev and De Genin was established on the left coast of the Iset river, in that place where the city main trunk - Lenin's prospectus - passes across the city dam. The monument made by the sculptor P. Chusovitinov was opened to the city's 275th anniversary, in August, 1998, and represents figures of the Yekaterinburg fathers- founders- Vasiliy Nikitich Tatisc...

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Aqua Park "Limpopo" is a unique construction at its size and quantity of the various water side-shows. There are famous and favorite all over the world side-shows, such as Anaconda, Orange River, Weightlessness, Waterfall, Hydro-pipe and many others. Also the structure of the aqua park includes numerous swimming pools and baths (banyas), spa-club, recreation zones, bars and restaurants. Aqua Park r...

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Yekaterinburg was founded in 1723 to become a plant and fortress city on the Iset River. The site where the city had to be founded was chosen by Vasily Tatishchev. Construction of the plant was supervised by George Willem de Gennin. The city received its name in honour of Empress Ekaterina I
This new plant had the following facilities: 2 blast-furnaces, 14 iron-forging hammers, copper-smelting work, stee...

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